The German container vessel Vikartindur grounded of south coast of Iceland on March 5th 1997. She was on voyage from Faroe Isl. to Reykjavík when she experienced engine trouble in bad weather six miles off the coast. She dropped anchor but draged them. She ran aground 7 hours after her engine trouble and the crew of 19 where rescud by the Icelandic Coast Guard Super Puma helicopter TF-LIF. Due to bad weather the Vikartindur shortly broke her back and no salvage attempts where made on her. Part of her cargo was salvaged but several containers both from deck and holds where washed owerboard. She was broken up on site using her own cranes which where rightened up for unloading the rest of her cargo. The work was completed in August 1997. Vikartindur was build in Stettin Poland for m.s. Atalanta Schiff. G.m.b.H & Co. (Peter Dohle Schiffahrts-KG), Germany in 1996 and had been on charter to Eimskip, Reykjavík since her delivery.

Vikartindur in Reykjavik August 1996

Forward view of Vikartindur few days after her grounding

Stern view of Vikartindur

Wreckage from Vikartindur ashore

Vikartindur broken up in situ