M.t. Kyndill

Type: Chemical tanker. - Builder: Skaalurens Skibsbyggeri A/S, Rosendal, Norway. - Year of build: 1982. - Ex.: Torafjord '85. - Callsign: TFAR. - Dimension: 2.400 DW, 93.000 cft, 81,00 x 13,00 x 5,10. - Port of registry: Reykjavik, Iceland.

Established in the 1920's and has owned and operated several ships. Till 2001 the company operated the tanker KYNDILL for two of the major oil company's in Iceland, Skeljungur hf. and Olíudreyfingu. This is the third vessel with this name which the company has operated for its owner's.

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